Staff Picks! Dry Grad Edition

Working in this fun industry where we offer a wide array of game and entertainment options, we often get asked which ones are our favourites to play. Since dry grad event planning is now in full swing for most secondary schools, I weighed in with our staff and found out everyone’s top 3 favourite games to have at a dry grad event!

Brian’s Picks

Velcro Obstacle Course – The obstacle courses are my favourite! The Velcro one in particular because it is looks fairly easy on the outside, but once you get inside of the unit you quickly learn that it is a lot more challenging than it looks.

Bouncy Boxing – This game is really funny and makes a great photo opp because of the giant gloves that the players are wearing.

Superchexx Bubble Hockey – This game is fun and fast paced. It’s not a physical game so it’s great for people who want something easy to play while they hang out and socialize with their friends.


Kristin’s Picks

Fun Money Casino Packages – At my dry grad event all of the casino tables were packed and I barely got a chance to play! They are always an extremely popular item at these events. My favourite tables are black jack and roulette, the turns are quick and they are easy to play.

The Eliminator – This game is fun and challenging to play, fun to watch, and allows up to 6 people to play at a time! What more could you want?

CD Recording Studio – Some people are a little shy of this one at first. But once it gets going it and people see how much fun everyone is having, it always ends up being a crowd favourite! Since you receive a copy of your own CD it is hilarious to listen to the next day and for years to come.

Kurtis’ Picks

3 Lane Bungee Run – The bungee runs are very high intensity, so the faster and harder you run, the more you will spring back. We have 2 and 3 lane bungee runs, and the 3 lane is just more fun because more people can play at a time.

Mechanical Bull – The bull is not only fun for the people who ride it, but it is just as fun for the people watching it! It’s always exciting to see how long people can hold on for.

Adrenaline Bootcamp Obstacle Course – This game is one of the largest inflatable’s we offer. It is not only visually striking with its camouflage theme, but it is very physically challenging. There are lots of fun and difficult obstacles inside of the unit.

Kylee’s Picks

Photo Booth – For anyone who loves taking silly photos with friends, the Photo Booth is a great choice. The photos are fun to take and they make great souvenirs!

Hypnotist – I had a hypnotist at my grad event and everyone loved it. While I didn’t get hypnotized, it was so funny and very entertaining to watch!

Temporary Airbrush Tattoos – They are quick, fun, and don’t hurt like the real ones! The best part is that since they aren’t real, parents can’t get mad! There are lots of stencils to choose from so everyone can find one that suits them.


If you are on a dry grad planning committee, hopefully some of these suggestions will be helpful to you in making some game decisions for your event.

Did you graduate recently or do you remember the entertainment and fun activities you had at your dry grad event? Which was your favourite?

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