Photo Booth Vancouver

Try one of our fun and fully automated Photo Booths for your next event! They are entertaining, user-friendly, and great for all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in renting your Photo Booth for my event!
Great choice! Please contact us with your event details (date, time and location) and we will check availability and send you a quote.

Do you include an attendant with your Photo Booth?
There is no need for an attendant as our booths are fully automated and extremely user-friendly. We offer authentic photo booths, like the ones you have seen in shopping malls. No pipe and drape “booths” here and no photographer needed!

What photo options do I have once I am inside the booth?
Our booth allows you to choose either colour, black and white, fun borders, or hilarious hat and hairstyle photos.

How many photos are on each strip?
There are four vertical photos on each strip. Each time you take photos in the booth it will print two duplicate photo strips. Each photo strips measures 6”L x 2”W.

How long do the photo strips take to print?
In seconds! We have one of the fastest printing booths in the industry.

Can I have a logo, graphic or slogan on my photo strip?
Yes, we can replace the 4th photo with an event logo. We can help create a design for you or you can send us your idea in JPEG format.

How many times can we use the booth during our rental?
We include unlimited photos with each rental.

Do I have access to my photos after the event?
Not only does our booth print two duplicate strips each time, but we can send you a link so that you can see all of your photos online after your event.

Do you include props?
Our booth has an option that allows you to use digital props! With this function you can choose hilarious superimposed hairstyles and hats.

How many hours can I rent the Photo Booth for?
Our typical rental rate is based on 4 hours of operation, with a minimum 2 hour rental. If you would like the booth for longer than 4 hours, just let us know!

What if I want the booth delivered earlier and have it running later at a different time?
We have installed a timer into our booth that allows us to drop our booths off at any particular time and then have it automatically turn on when you would like it to. We can pick up the booth later in the evening or the next day if need be.

What are the dimensions and power requirements of the booth?
Our Photo Booths are 4‘L x 3’W x 7’H and require one 120 volt 15 amp circuit within 100’. Our booths can be loaded into an elevator or simply wheeled into position. Our booths require wheel-in access as they cannot go up or down any stairs.

Each rental includes:

  • Unlimited photos (two duplicate photo strips print each time).
  • Your choice of colour, black & white, fun borders, or hilarious hat & hairstyle photos.
  • The option to change the 4th photo into an event logo
  • Access to all of the photos after your event