New products and games for 2012

Hello everyone and hello 2012! A new year for us means new games and products. This year we acquired three new items from the annual buyer’s trade show that we attend. We are very excited to share these new items with you as each of them fits many different event types and themes.

First is our Xtreme Board Combo. Are you planning a winter, sports, or Hawaiian themed event? Perhaps you are looking for a fun activity for a community event, dry grad, or staff party? If so, this is the game for you! Our Xtreme Board Combo allows you to snowboard, skateboard or surfboard as you try to balance on the mechanical board. The longer you can balance on the board the more challenging it becomes. Once the first player falls off, the game will show their time on the digital read out and then the next player will try to beat that time. This game can be used at so many different themed events as the board and backdrop can be transformed into whichever board sport you choose. The skate park, the snowy mountains or the wild waves, the choice is yours!

Our second game is Jacobs Ladder, which is great for team building, staff appreciation, dry grads, and community events. Our Jacobs Ladder Inflatable game allows two players at a time to race against each other by climbing their horizontal ladders as fast as they can. The challenge is trying to stay balanced on the ladder while move quicker than your opponent. The first player who makes it to the other side of the unit without falling off is the winner!

Lastly are our 4 new carnival games, which include Potty-Toss, Ring Toss, Shockwave and Stand-A-Bottle. In combination with our other carnival games, dunk tank, high striker, mechanical bull, and airbrush tattoos, they create a perfect midway or carnival themed event.