New Games for Spring & Summer 2013

You may have seen some brand new games on our website and wondered what they are all about. Or maybe you haven’t heard about these new games and are looking for some fun game ideas for an upcoming event you are planning. Over the last few weeks we have had these games at corporate picnics, dry grads, and school carnivals and at each event everyone has had such a great time playing them. Since these new games are so fun and exciting, we thought we would tell you a bit more about each one!

Adrenaline Bootcamp Obstacle Course
Experience the rush of racing, crawling, and climbing through our Adrenaline Bootcamp Obstacle Course! This camo patterned inflatable has lots of walls, tunnels, and obstacles for you to get through. Two players at a time will race as fast as they can through this challenging obstacle course and the winner comes out of the giant slide right under the watchful eye of our drill sergeant mascot.

Human Foosball
Human Foosball allows 10 players at a time to play inside a “real” game of foosball! Just like the classic game of foosball, except that your group becomes the mini soccer players. With a goalie and 4 players per team, each player will hold onto their team’s foosball rods and try to kick the soccer ball towards the opposing team’s goal. The team with the most goals is the winner!  The visual component of this game and the number of participants playing is unmatched.

Hamster Ball Race
Our Hamster Ball Race is an exciting two player game! Each player has a giant, 9 foot inflatable ball to climb into. Players will run as fast they can inside their hamster balls to make them roll down the 75’ track. The first player to roll their ball to the end of the track and back is the winner.

Wipe Out 
Just like in the game show! One player after the other will enter the inflated unit and climb up to the front ledge. Each player will try their best to jump and land onto each of the four giant, red balls. The object of the game is to jump from ball to ball and make it to the back ledge without falling. The inflatable balls are wobbly, so watch your balance and try not to Wipe Out!

We also have new items that are perfect for spring fairs and carnival events, such as our: Kiddie High Striker, Spin Art Machines, Snow Cone Machine, Lucky Duck Pond, Frame Carnival Games, Cow Milking Contest, Princess Castle and Pirate Bouncer. Hopefully this list of games will you give you some ideas as your start to plan your upcoming company BBQ or summer party. The possibilities are endless!