New Games for 2017!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! In with the new they say, so it’s time to introduce our great new games for 2017.

We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!


Jumbo Light Bright

Little girl playing with litebrite with her familyTwo women playing litebrite at a party 

Remember the retro light bright toy you had growing up? Now image it BIGGER and BRIGHTER! Our Jumbo Light Bright is a great piece for all ages and for all types of events including Weddings, Birthday Parties, Corporate events, Dry Grads and much more! Not only is it a great interactive activity for your guests to engage in, but it also acts as a fabulous piece of décor. Watch and see what kinds of cool designs your guests can create!

Jumbo Inflatable Darts

This inflatable dart game is a great addition to any party rental! It’s a fun, sports- themed game to get your guests moving, interacting and challenging each other. We have multiple ways to play it; kick some soccer balls, shoot some arrows or whack a few tennis balls at the oversized Velcro dart board. Compete to see who can get the best score!

Electronic Darts

Keeping with the darts theme, try out your aim and accuracy on our Electronic Dart Board! With the digital screen, lights and sound, this game is a winner! Choose from a variety of fun and classic 01 games, speed games, cricket and many more. Sit back and enjoy as the game adds up the scores for you! Up to 8 players can enjoy the darts at a time.

Carnival Games

All the new games available for rent

We’ve also added some great, new Carnival Games to our collection!

Rope the Bull: Rope the bulls neck or horns. Change it up for different difficulties.

Fish in a Bowl: Toss ping pong balls and try to get them in the fish bowls.

Slam Dunk: Bounce ping pong balls and try to get it into the mini basketball net.

Red Light: Throw the beanbags and try to get them into all three colours of the stop light.