NEW for 2014!

Introducing our new games for 2014, The Eliminator and Game Show Mania!

First up is The Eliminator, an inflatable game that is perfect for school events, dry grads and summer staff parties.

This eye catching, circular inflatable game allows up to 6 people to play at a time. Each player will stand on top of their pedestal inside the inflated arena. Our operator will start the game by turning on the speed of the padded mechanical pole, which will begin circling around the arena like a clock. The object of the game is to jump over the pole and land back onto your pedestal without falling off. As players get eliminated one by one, the last person standing is the winner.

The Eliminator is action packed and is sure to be the main attraction at your next event!
Have you always wanted to be on a Game Show? Well now is your chance! Game Show Mania is a fun activity to play with your colleagues, friends or classmates. This game is a great choice for corporate events, team building and school functions. Game Show Mania is exciting, interactive, and helps make learning fun!
If you have a specific event in mind, you can create the questions so that they are tailored to your event. For customized questions, you can create your own trivia, multiple choice, and true or false style questions. Our Game Show includes 3 podiums with digital display scoring, microphones, and buzzers, a PA system, a screen and projector, a decorative pipe and drape back drop and an operator to run the game show software. Three teams or three players at a time can play and test out their general knowledge or be quizzed with customized questions.