Indoor or Outdoor Laser Tag

We finally got a sunny day last Friday and jumped at the chance to set-up our brand new laser tag system! Our laser tag is a bit different than regular, rentable laser tag for a few reasons:

1.) No heavy vests! We provide team headbands and laser tag guns equipped with sensors instead of traditional vests.
2.) No enclosed inflatable! We provide paintball-style inflatable bunkers to duck, crawl and hide behind. The bunkers are “cops and robbers” themed with inflatable brick walls, black SUV’s and cop cars scattered around the playing area. Using these bunkers are not only fun for the players, but allow for spectators and people waiting their turn to watch!
3.) You can play indoors, outdoors, in the day or at night! With so many options as to where and when you can use our laser tag system, you could play in a gym, recreation centre, open field, back yard, park, etc. You can also play in the day when there is lots of light, or in the evening, as the guns and headbands light up. You probably wouldn’t want to play in the pitch black incase you run into a brick wall… not that it would hurt!

Everyone had so much fun trying this system out. Our laser tag would be a great additional to team building events, company picnics, dry grads, birthdays, school events, campus activities…and the list goes on! Watch the video (turn up your speakers) and you will see how much fun this laser tag system is Laser Tag Video HERE