Ghoule Games & Entertainment Presents: Houle-o-ween 2020!


Happy spooky season everyone! If you’re anything like us here at Houle, you broke out the autumn décor the moment you switched your calendar over to September. And now that October is looming, it’s time to add some ghosts and creepy crawlies to the colourful foliage!



Though Halloween is inevitably going to be looking a little bit different this year, we wanted to take this opportunity to offer some fun game suggestions for small gatherings that are the perfect substitute for trick-or-treating. And not to fear: you can always keep in the spirit of the season and hand out candy as prizes!

If you’re looking to make a big impact and give your guests a chance to burn off the extra sugar, give our inflatable Spider Crawl a try! Two players at a time test their speed and agility in an exciting race to collect all of their coloured batons before their opponent! Be sure to think strategically, because players throw their opponent’s batons onto the web, not their own. This game may seem deceptively easy, but beware the slanted, slippery web and don’t get caught in the spider’s clutches! First player to collect all of their batons is the winner!



The Gauntlet, while not particularly spooky on its own, is the perfect inflatable game to show off your costume and your moves! Check out Darth Vader at the end of the video below. Look at that cape billow! One person at a time tries to make it across the center platform and score a basket with a nerf basketball. In the meantime, other players hurl the padded tethered balls trying to knock them off!



Want to add some savory to all that sweet? Look no further than one of our Popcorn Machines! For some added decorative flare, give our Popcorn Machine with Cart a try! Between the cart design and the delicious smell of buttery popcorn kernels, it’s impossible to miss!



Other fun Halloween options include some of our tub-style carnival games like Down a Clown, Shockwave, and Zombie Knock Down!



For some make-your-own Halloween fun, check out Plinko (It’s not a requirement, but everyone will want to play if you have full-size chocolate bars as prizes!), Jumbo Light Bright (Who can come up with the creepiest design? Winner gets a candy apple?), or Whacky Mirrors (That person in the silly clown costume just got a lot scarier!).