Games to bring the Chill at your next Winter-themed Event!

❄️❄️❄️ Feeling those cold weather blues? Brrrring the fun back to the season with our winter-themed games for rent and remember, we live on the west coast where a beautiful Vancouver Spring is always just around the corner! ❄️❄️❄️


Iceless Curling


No ice needed! Two “house targets”  are placed at each end of your playing area. The weighted rubber stones glide easily on bearing rollers along any smooth hard surface or short nap carpet. Play it in singles or teams!


Top Shot Hockey


15 pucks. 9 illuminated targets. You may be fast, but are you fast and accurate?

This interactive hockey experience allows you to play against the clock, as you try to knock out the illuminated targets on this full-size electronic hockey net.

With the provided hockey sticks and pucks, use wrist shots to hit all the targets and get the fastest time. Track who has the fastest time on our leader board and make it a great prize giveaway game.

This is the same game that is a permanent fixture at The Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame!


Air Hockey Tables


Fast, exciting, and easy to play! Play one-on-one or in teams of two for a competitive yet teambuilding experience!


Superchexx Bubble Hockey


Feeling nostalgic? Want to show off the skills you gained when you were 12 and haven’t had a change to use since then? Get competitive with our Superchexx Bubble Hockey, a game perfect for players and spectators alike! With full electronic scoring, sound effects, and foosball-style handles, play an electrifying, interactive Canada vs USA hockey game. It’s like the real thing, only smaller!