Fun Ideas for Trade Show Booths

With a new year come all kinds of new and different trade shows in Vancouver. From Wedding shows, Health and Wellness shows, to Mechanic shows, there’s always a trade show to perk your interest.

We get bookings for trade shows all throughout the year and its fun to see what some companies rent for their booths! No booth is complete without something to draw you in and entertain you while getting more information about the product.

Some of the items we see rented every year are:

  • Casino Tables
    • It’s very easy to draw people in with fun casino games like these and our tables look very elegant and professional. Since it’s just for fun and you don’t play with real money, you have nothing to lose!
  • Arcade Games
    • Daytona 500 Twin Seat Racers, Ms. Pac Man, Wii and Xbox Systems are always a hit.
  • Money Booths
    • The Money Booth is a great item for trade shows because it will capture everyone’s attention and since the turns are only 15 seconds long, it is very fast paced.
  • Photo Booths
    • They are fun, user-friendly, and the photo strips make excellent keepsakes. You even have the option to change the fourth photo into your company logo for easy branding.
  • Sports Games
    • Air Hockey, Foosball Tables, Superchexx Bubble Hockey, Strike a Light and Double Throw Basketball are all easy and fun games that everyone will enjoy. People are sure to come into your booth and give them a go against their colleagues and friends.

Windmill Mini Golf Putt, Maze Runner, Skeeball and Ricochet, are some of our new items for 2015 that would be perfect for a trade show event. They are all small enough to fit inside a booth, yet are eye-catching to everyone walking by your booth. They are easy and fun to play and the turns are quick.

It’s always fun to play some Arcade Games you’ve never tried before, take funny photos in the Photo Booth, try to grab as much money as you can in the Money Booth, or even learn how to play Black Jack at the Casino Tables.  Games and entertainment like these always make trade shows more fun and exciting!