Holiday Party season is here!

It’s now mid November and the Holiday season is upon us! For us, this means that Christmas parties are just getting started. One of the most popular entertainment choices that we offer for Holiday parties is Full-Service Casino Packages. Here are our Top 3 Reasons to book a Vancouver Casino with Houle for your upcoming holiday party.

Vancouver Casino Rentals Houle Games

1.) It’s an “All Inclusive Package”

We bring the fun and excitement of the Casino to your venue! We deliver and set-up the casino tables with chips, cards, play money and accessories. The pit boss, professional dealers and relief dealers are all included to run and operate the casino tables. We even include the raffle tickets or vouchers at the time of cash-out so that winner(s) can be designated if you would like to give away a prize at the end of the night.


2.) The entertainment looks classy and professional

Not only are the casino tables fun to play at, but they help to create an elegant ambiance in any room that they are set-up in. You could even choose to do a James Bond Casino Royale or Monte Carlo theme as the casino tables add to the decor. With our table’s deep green felt tops and cherry wood roulette and craps tables, your guests are sure to be impressed. Our casino dealers also dress in professional attire with silver vests and bow ties.


3.) It’s just for fun, nothing to lose!

How often are you able to go to a casino with $1000 and play at the tables without being fearful of losing it all? With a Fun-Money casino package, since there is no real money involved, you have nothing to lose! If you are unfamiliar with gambling, this is the best scenario to try out some of those casino tables that you were always curious about. Our professional dealers will help explain the objectives and rules to you and help create a fun and memorable evening.

If you are looking for a Vancouver Casino Rental for your upcoming event, contact Houle Games today for more information and pricing.

Vancouver Casino Rentals Houle Games