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  1. Bouncy  Boxing

    Bouncy Boxing

    Step into our inflatable Bouncy Boxing ring and get ready to rumble! Fight it out like Rocky as you and your opponent throw lower body jabs wearing giant boxing gloves. Learn More
  2. The Gauntlet

    The Gauntlet

    Ever wish you could be on the game show “Wipe out” or “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge”? Here is your chance, The Gauntlet is here! Learn More
  3. Bungee Run

    Bungee Run

    How far can you make it down the Bungee Run lane before getting pulled back by a giant bungee cord? Why not try and find out! Learn More
  4. Pedestal Joust

    Pedestal Joust

    This game first became popular due to the "American Gladiators" TV show. Now everyone can get in on the action with the Pedestal Joust. Learn More
  5. Inflatable arena with the sumo suits

    Sumo Wrestling

    Sumo Wrestling is always a crowd pleaser and a great photo opportunity! Ours is also equipped with an inflatable safety arena. Learn More
  6. Velcro Obstacle Course

    Velcro Obstacle Course

    Climb over walls, squeeze through tunnels and crawl under nets, while trying not to get stuck as you make your way through this huge, attention grabbing Velcro Obstacle Course! Learn More
  7. Horsey Hops

    Horsey Hops

    Can’t stay on the mechanical bull? Bring out our Horsey Hops for a laugh! They come in three different sizes so that they can be enjoyed by everyone. Learn More
  8. Giant Twister

    Giant Twister

    Left foot, red! Right hand, blue! Try out our giant, inflatable version of the classic game Twister! Learn More
  9. Jacobs Ladder Inflatable Game

    Jacobs Ladder

    Can you climb the horizontal ladder and make it to the other side of the inflatable unit without falling off? Try out our fun and challenging Jacobs Ladder game! Learn More
  10. Xtreme Board Combo

    Xtreme Board Combo

    Choose from surfing, snowboarding, or skateboarding! This game allows you to change the board and the backdrop into whichever boarding sport you prefer. Try to stay on the mechanical board for as long as you can without falling off! Learn More
  11. Hamster Ball Race

    Hamster Ball Race

    Climb into the giant hamster ball and race a friend down the 75' lane! First player to roll their ball to the end of the track and back is the winner. Learn More
  12. Human Foosball

    Human Foosball

    Instead of playing foosball, why not try playing inside foosball? Up to 10 players at a time can be a part of this interactive and inflatable Human Foosball game! Just like the classic game of foosball, except that you become the soccer players inside the game. 

    Learn More
  13. Hopping from ball to ball

    Wipe Out

    Just like in the game show! Climb up to the ledge and try your best to jump and land onto each of the four giant, red balls. The inflatable balls are wobbly, so watch your balance and try not to Wipe Out! Learn More
  14. Adrenaline Bootcamp Obstacle Course

    Adrenaline Bootcamp Obstacle Course

    Experience the rush of racing, crawling, and climbing through our Adrenaline Bootcamp Obstacle Course! Learn More
  15. First Down Football Game

    First Down Football Game

    This fast paced game of frantic football passing is sure to be a hit at your next event! First Down Football Game is the perfect addition to your Superbowl Party or sports themed event. Learn More

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