Carnival & Picnic Games

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  1. Tug of War Rope

    Tug of War Rope

    Why not have an old fashioned game of Tug of War at your next picnic? This classic game of strength is always requested! Learn More
  2. Full Bingo Set

    Bingo Set

    Let the Bingo party begin! This Bingo set includes the brass ball cage, bingo balls and cards and a bingo master card. Learn More
  3. Prize Wheel

    Prize Wheel

    Spin the wheel and see what you land on! Our dry erase wheel allows you to fill in what you would like on each brightly coloured panel. Learn More
  4. Jumbo Jenga set

    Jumbo Jenga

    This is the classic game of Jenga, but jumbo! After stacking the blocks into a tower, carefully try to remove one block at a time and place it on top of the tower without it falling down. Great for outdoor picnics, parties, and BBQ'S. Learn More
  5. Dropping the puck down the Plinko board!


    Even if you can't make it on the "Price is Right", you can still enjoy our Plinko Game! Plinko is great for promotions and giving away prizes. Learn More
  6. Giant Chess and Checkers Set

    Giant Chess and Checkers Set

    The classic game of chess and checkers, but a giant version! Perfect for outdoor parties. Learn More
  7. Snow Cone Machine

    Snow Cone Machine

    Snow Cone Machine and supplies! Learn More
  8. Cow Milking Contest

    Cow Milking Contest

    Not renting this Cow Milking Contest for your next western themed event would be a real MOOstake! Two players at a time milk the cow as fast as they can, trying to fill their bucket with the most milk. Learn More
  9. Penguin Fish Fling

    Frame Carnival Games

    We have two frame style carnival games that are great for all ages! Try out our "Chef Challenge" or "Penguin Fish Fling" Frame Carnival Games. Learn More
  10. Kiddie High Striker

    Kiddie High Striker

    Our Kiddie High Striker is perfect for any kiddies who want to have some carnival-themed fun! Learn More
  11. Lucky Duck Pond

    Lucky Duck Pond

    Are you a lucky duck? Try grabbing a rubber duck from the pond and flip it over to see if your duck is a winner! Learn More
  12. Popcorn Machine with Cart

    Popcorn Machine with Cart

    Popcorn Machine with Cart! Learn More
  13. Spin Art Machines

    Spin Art

    Spin Art is a fun and kid friendly addition to fun fairs, birthday parties, community events and more. We provide the machines and supplies and you create your own masterpiece! Learn More
  14. Megaphone


    Need to amplify your voice at a large event? Rent our Megaphone! Not only can you speak into it, but is also has siren, whistle and foghorn sound effects. Learn More
  15. Raffle Drum

    Raffle Drum

    Our Raffle Drum is perfect for ticket draws at your casino or fundraising event! Learn More

Items 16 to 30 of 36 total

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